Episode 2

Get a Return on Your IT Investment


June 5th, 2024

46 mins 20 secs

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Are you an individual contributor looking to convince your boss its time to buy a product or pursue a new project? How do you structure your proposal? How do you calculate ROI? In this episode, I’ll discuss these concepts and more with JT Perry from VMware!

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Connect with me! https://linktr.ee/itguyeric
JT Perry: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jtperry/

DevOpsDays KC 2024 - JT Perry - Platform ROI: Why should your company invest?

00:00 Stream start
00:50 Welcome
04:28 Meet JT Perry
08:15 Identifying a Need
13:45 Building the request
22:05 Return on Investment (ROI)
30:55 CapEx vs OpEx
34:36 Prove Your Assumptions
40:15 Applying ROI to Careers
44:08 Closing thoughts

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